Resident, staff, and community health and safety is still our #1 goal at Hayes Residence. We are continuing to review and implement new safety measures and update our infection and control policies.

Key in our efforts to reduce the risk of COVID-19 is our continued diligence with our staff and residents regarding proper hand hygiene, social distancing, and limiting/eliminating close contact as much as possible.

Additionally, our staff is wearing the appropriate masks and shields for either source control or direct resident care. These masks and shields are worn throughout our employees shifts. Resident requests for cloth face masks are being accommodated. Staff are required to perform a symptom screening and a temperature check upon entry into the building. The same screenings and temperature checks are being conducted with our residents twice daily.

Our goal is to keep the virus out of the facility. Period. Hayes has continuously excelled in the infection prevention measures of our yearly surveys with the state. However, if COVID-19 does find its way in, all measures are in place to limit the spread. We appreciate the guidance and close communication we’ve received from local and state health officials regarding this and are confident in our efforts to keep our Hayes Residence community safe.