We have all heard the saying before- that “exercise has mental health benefits”. What does that actually mean when we look closely at it? How does something as simple as walking everyday improve your mental health? In today’s article we’ll break down the benefits and directly correlate how it can improve your life.

Chemical Balances

The first important point to note is the endorphins you release when exercising. This is great for stimulating brain cell growth, resulting in being more focused and clearer.


When you start to foster a workout routine, it indicates that you’re investing in yourself. Even setting small goals (example: working out for 30 mins every day) and accomplishing them, can result to more confidence in your own ability to get things done and feel good about it!


It seems counter-intuitive, but more exercise can result to having more energy! It’s proven that an increased heart rate 2-3 times a week is beneficial for the body and mind. Your boosted energy can help to improve overall quality of life – seeping into your mental and emotional health.

Even a little bit of exercise can create an impact in your life. From light activities such as walking for 45 mins a day, or more intense work outs like weightlifting – it all benefits your body and very importantly, your mental health.

If you’re dealing with mental health obstacles, such as feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or hopeless – physical activity might not be at the top of your list of things to do. However, starting small and building your physical activity can be the best way to jump-start into a new mindset.

Overall your mental health is important, and Hayes Residence encourages productive activity to supplement and maintain a healthy way of living.

We offer activities and encourage our residents to be active within our community. If you’re looking for a new home that offers 24-hour nursing care as a certified board and care facility, call to schedule a tour today.