Health and nutrition are at the top of our list when it comes to serving our residents. It brings an at-home experience and connects us as a community. The benefits of having our staff prepare home cooked meals brings a level of nutritional value as well. We’ve listed the top benefits of eating high nutritional value foods below and what it can help improve for our residents.

  1. Overall Mood

There has been direct correlation to the foods you eat and how you feel. Studies show diets with high glycemic intake (from cakes, white bread, soft drinks, etc.) can take longer for your body to break down the food and digest. When eating prepared meals that consists of whole foods (for example, vegetables and meat) you lower the glycemic intake and are filled with complex carbs that are better for your body.

  1. Better Rest

When eating right, your body responds better to the nutrition and affects your body positively. In return, this can help in weight loss – which decreases the chances of sleep apnea. When your body is fully rested and able to receive the sleep it needs, you can enjoy

  1. Stronger Health

Eating a home cooked meal made from veggies, meat, and fruits helps take out the processing and extra added ingredients that might be harmful to you. At Hayes, we want all of our residents to be healthy and feel their absolute best. Strong health is essential to having more energy and participating within our community.

Hayes is proud to have staff that care about our residents providing them with quality meals and a quality environment.

Hayes Residence is a Certified Board and Care which serves adults requiring assistance with daily activities while providing around the clock nursing care.  We assist our residents to maintain appropriate levels of independence while managing physical and mental health diagnosis. If you have questions or would like to schedule a tour, call us today to setup an appointment (651) 690-4458.