Choosing the right assisted living facility is not the easiest process. When considering a new home for a loved one, there are many different factors that can come into play. Hayes Residence is here to help you define and make a decision based off the following factors and asking the right questions.

  1. Staff Retention

Like anywhere else, environment is a major component when choosing the right place to stay. The staff and employees contribute to this dynamic and it’s important to ask about the retention rate. This shows many different benefits of an assisted living home – one being the relationships that can help a resident feel more at home. With high staff retention it allows the opportunity for a resident to feel safer getting to know each person and what their role is in a facility.

  1. Location

Where are the prospective assisted living facilities located? Where are they located in correlation to your home? Is it in a convenient area? Are there nearby shops and restaurants? These are important questions to engage in to fully understand the landscape of environment. This can be beneficial in times of searching for entertainment when visiting and also being mindful of the resident and their needs.

  1. Included Expenses

Another factor to take into consideration is the included expenses that come along with placement in a home. Does the cost include laundry, leisurely items such as Wi-Fi, meals, and so forth? What is missing from the facility that could potentially need to be added in? Getting the full scope of what is included in a residency is big determining factor when searching.

At Hayes residence, we offer a convenient location in the heart of Saint Paul, amenities, and staff that have been dedicated for over a decade. If you’re looking to find out more information or schedule a tour, contact us today.

Hayes Residence is a Certified Board and Care which serves adults requiring assistance with daily activities while providing around the clock nursing care.  We assist our residents to maintain appropriate levels of independence while managing physical and mental health diagnosis.